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Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Importance of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging- All You Need To Know

Best Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging – Packaging is a critical component of both marketing and the drug delivery system. As the market grows, the needs of customers increases and regulatory requirements evolve with time. Many pharma firms rely on their packaging to safeguard and sell their products.

Now the question arises why blister packaging? Pharmaceutical blister packaging has many advantages. Blister packs designs are aligned with evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, blister packaging will continue to expand in future and become the fastest-growing packaging alternative. In this article, we will discuss important facts of pharmaceutical blister packaging. So let’s get into the details!

Importance of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Blister packs are highly preferable because they shield items from moisture and gas that ensures long shelf life. High temperature and humidity make it harder to achieve product stability. So, blistering materials help to cope-up with the temperature changes that may happen during delivery.

Each dose is individually protected by a protective chamber that is completely air tight so the individual tablets or capsules are safe until they are swallowed. In contrast to bottle packaging, pharmaceutical blister packaging offers patients simple, easy to follow instructions which increases patient adherence through measured dosing.

Not only for adults who can easily pop out the pill they need, but blister packs are useful for children also. It is portable and impactful because it is available in different colors.

Blister Packaging Complete Process

The first step in the packaging process is to design the packaging format. The next step is, the manufacturer creates a negative die as per the shape of the product. Then using a machine, a metal stock is created with a number of cavities to prepare the negative die. The die is then installed into the machine.

Cold Forming & Thermoforming

Cold or thermoforming can be used in the forming process. Thermoforming is used to process plastic films like PVC, while cold forming is used to prepare laminated aluminum forming films. Preheating is done at a temperature less than plastic melting point. Finally, the film takes the required shape as it moves through the machine. This is done by thermoforming or cold forming process.

Precision Packaging for Consumer Goods

The products are being visually inspected in a staging area while waiting to be packaged. The items are then manually placed into the consumer goods category. Packaging machines with hopper feeding are utilized for items like pharmaceutical tablets that have smaller profiles but larger volume. As soon as the products are placed into the hopper, they are carefully fed into the blister sheet pockets. The product is distributed and arranged throughout the entire blister card with the aid of brushes and paddles.

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Now the product is ready to disburse, it’s time to take it to the inspection station. Here the sensor checks the damaged items and marks them rejected. After that the sheets are sent to the sealing station.

Before sealing, the blister sheets need to be printed. Therefore, the sheets get printed and moved to the sealing station. In order to create blister cards, the sheets are lastly moved to the cutting station. The flagged products are then automatically rejected from the packaging process as the blister cards are transferred via a conveyor system. The accepted items are placed into the boxes and ready for sale.


The pharma industry faces a variety of difficulties, including rising costs, strict compliance rules, new medicine formulations, expanding market, and so on. To face such challenges pharmaceutical blister packaging is an innovative idea. Blister packaging demand will definitely increase with time as it helps brands to be recognized quickly by people. If you want to get top-notch packaging services TRUE PHARMACIA is the best solution.

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