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About us

About us


True Pharmacia is an Innovation-led packaging solutions provider that delivers effective & affordable solutions. We, as a brand, take immense pride in being a one-stop solution for all your Pharmaceutical packaging needs and Protect brands by ensuring genuine medicines to patients. We offer low cost, innovative solutions to a wide variety of industries.

True Pharmacia was established in 2016 and has gradually marched on the journey to success, carving a niche for itself in the pharmaceutical packaging market. We believe that perseverance and dedication are the essentials to achieving success. With this thought, we earned goodwill within 6 years of its inception and emerged as a leader in its industry, but like every entrepreneur who never gives up on their goal, I always expected to elevate my business to even greater heights.

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Today, True Pharmacia enjoys an enviable market share in India and has successfully made its presence felt in India’s major states. In all these years of our presence in the industry, we have always worked behind a single motto to be achieved: winning the trust of our clients to make them lifetime associates in our clientele by offering products of their needs. True Pharmacia’s journey is never-ending. But, with the help of my team and clients, I am sure that the organization will continue to achieve new levels of excellence in the coming years.

Meet our Managing Director – Mr. ROHIT BANSAL

“Mr. ROHIT BANSAL”, the Managing Director of True Pharmacia, is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit. A visionary and insightful leader, “Mr. ROHIT BANSAL” has been the pillar of the True Pharmacia growth story. He guided True pharmacia’s team to reach their full potential. He is actively involved in conceptualizing new concepts, initiating people development projects, assisting the organization in achieving its short and long-term goals. His enthusiasm for market research is persistent, and he is enthusiastic about delivering transformative solutions that will create a dramatic transformation in this industry.

Why “True Pharmacia”?

Our in-house expertise and services offer additional value to our customers’ goods and packaging experiences. Our ultimate packaging solution provides excellent efficiency in the environment as well as humidity protection. It protects your products from degradation.

International Quality Standards

True Pharmacia always strives to offer a quality product that matches global standards. Our Quality management system is responsible for the preparation, authorization, and distribution. It provides rigid adherence to policies through periodical checking and In Process Quality Control. Each product is approved after passing thorough inspections and multiple testings. Our goal is to provide packaging supplies that are of the highest quality and are extremely reasonable.


Located in Nalagarh, Distt Solan, and Himachal Pradesh, with a 28000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility – including production and warehousing space —we have an excellent capacity to meet global Pharma packaging solutions needs with flexibility in volumes and specifications. Our packaging capabilities include automated inspection and specialty pharmaceutical packaging lines. We have all the capabilities of primary and secondary packaging services while maintaining small and large businesses’ flexibility and high-level customer service.

Our Infrastructure


Our Team

Our trained and experienced workforce comprises creative people, technical professionals, experts in moist adhesive lamination, and many more. The expertise of True Pharmacia’s team in pharmaceutical packaging solutions helps us to provide clients with a full range of services, from product development to high-volume commercial packaging that meets and exceed their expectations. Our team goes the extra mile for assured client satisfaction and measurable results.

True Pharmacia genuinely cares. We produce completed packaging that delights pharmaceutical businesses by concentrating on specific pain points. If you’re looking for the best Pharmaceuticals packaging services and high levels of quality so, talk with us.

Our Mission

By adhering to all global standards and incorporating all the necessary quality protocols, our mission is always to provide responsive, flexible and tailored products & services and build long-term relationships with clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading Pharmaceutical Packaging industries in the world, providing packaging excellence marked by superior Quality, unmatched service, continuous progress, and continual innovation.

Our Core Values

  • Trust and respect everyone
  • Be accountable
  • Be ethical
  • Deliver results
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